Welcome to Our Shop!

Welcome to Roleplayers Society Publishing! We specialize in published Roleplay Adventures that are not your traditional dungeon crawl adventures.

Well we here, have a policy of catering to those roleplayers who believe in “Less Dice, more story”. Now don’t get us wrong, we love us a good dungeon crawl just like any other RPGer, but we believe that the products we have at our site is for those who are looking for a great way to create moments and opportunities for characters to grow more than just in combat and through experience.

We are re-developing our company and expanding it to do new things. We look forward to sharing that with you.

Check out our Company News section for all the updates that are coming to the company!

Happy Gaming!

About LadyBenihime

My name is Venus De Coy, although in the geek scene I would be known as Lady Benihime-Sama. Since 2007, I have run an assortment of geeky-related businesses. And although they have been successful, I still felt the urge to go into the “normal” world and do “normal” things. So, I am a nursing professional here in the Northern California area. But I could never really give up my geeky side, so I started this blog to not only share my many adventures, but to teach others along the way.

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  1. Greetings.

  2. Hey Lady Ophelia! Why not join the d20pfsrd,com estore? Contact me at jreyst@d20pfsrd.com to get in. The commission is only 20% and virtually every other major 3pp is already in. We’d love to add you to the team!


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