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Roleplayers Society Update: 12/18/13

So some you may have seen somethings changing on our blog and websites. We are updating our company and we are rebranding! So let’s talk a bit about what that means:

Why Rebrand? Especially since you are new?

Well, when I started the business, it was me and a few other people. But as time went on things evolved and the company’s desires changed. Also, although I like our original name, it was a complete pain in the ass to have to keep typing out on products. So a rebrand in 2014 was in order as I was getting ready to complete the “LLC” section of my business. So our new name is formally: Roleplayers Society Publishing: For The Non-Dunegon Crawler in All of Us.

Where did the name come from?

The name is play on one of my favorite game formats Pathfinder Organized Play Society. One of the biggest things that I have taken from my time in it, is the “Society” aspect of it. When you get together with a group of people, and play a game, you are a group. And as you bring more people into the group through word of mouth and invites, you become a “Society”. Our company wants to build that form and style of a community among our products and the systems that we support with our products. Our tagline remains the same: “For the Non-Dungeon Crawler In All of Us” because we still believe in that and our products will reflect that as well.

What Systems are you going to compliment?

Pathfinder is still our #1 because most of us already have all the books. :D..

But in 2014, you are going to start seeing supplements for the following systems:
Castles and Crusades (Original Adventures)
Sword Lands RPG
Dunegeon World
A Penny For My Thoughts
Fiasco–We’re redeveloping our line. And you may see some new products not seen before! Coming soon!

Are there systems you want to do but not working on?

Yes.. We however, would need more developers and writers to make that work out.

13th Age RPG–Need a Developer (Now Hiring!)
AGE (Kobold Press)–Need a Developer (Now Hiring!)
Basic Fantasy Roleplaying System–Need a developer(Now Hiring!)
Shadowrun–Need a Developer (Now Hiring!)
Iron Kingdoms
Call of Cuthulu–licencing Issues
Torchbearer–licensing Issues

So does Kronea go away?

Heck NO it doesn’t! But in fitting with our theme, we want to focus on more “Setting” based projects in 2014 and beyond. But I promise we will still have some “Crunch” for all you stats peeps out there. My major thing, is that I want to leave all the heavy mechanics to the GM’s and other companies that do fun stuff like that. There are already tons of companies in most of our compatible systems that have nothing but stat books full of new mechanics and classes and rules. I would like Kronea to be open setting and allow players to add whatever they already have into our setting without having to do heavy setting changes.

So if a group wants a major Pathfinder Steampunk themed adventure, they can take stuff from Clockwork Games and drop it into Orsi, which is our main country that compliments that setting. If you want more “Kingmaker-esque” games, you can take the rules from Ultimate Campaign from Paizo, Midgard’s AGE System, or even 13th Age System and go from there. (Kronea Capital, Bilu, or Saraset are your best locations.). If you are like me and channeling your inner Glorantha, you can take those old school Glorantha 2nd Edition books and put them in Faeuse or Emetrus. (But since Glorantha has been recently bought and hopefully going to be republished, there will be more goods to come soon!) Hell if you really want to get hardcore. If you play Lord of the Rings RPG–The Stormwall Mountains is ALL you. 😀

What About the “Dragons Amongst Us?”

This is still under development. One of the original writers I would have liked to have on the project had to leave due to personal reasons. So it’s been something I have developed slowly and between work. But stay tuned, we have some new developments in which you are going to see something not done before in the community, and you will love it.

What about Adventures?

We are redesigning the format of our Adventures. We are taking a nod from other systems such as Dungeon World and BFRS and designing our adventures to be more “Open System” and “reader friendly”. We are doing away with the traditional “Two Column” Format and giving you guys something new and different. You will see it in our newest release (Or at least the one we’ve had on the back-burner for ages): Revolutionary Extraction.

So we see you are hiring… Can we haz work?

Yes You Can! As a small press company we do not have a whole bunch of awesome perks. But our team is a pretty fun and sweet team! If you want to join our pretty sweet team to date. Head to our website where we have stuff already written up about our job openings!

Hint: Before you apply, update your LinkedIn Accounts and your Portfolios!

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by!


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