About Us!

So we received a request about who we are and any credits we may have in the gaming industry, and well hey, we might as well… Keep in mind, that this page is under construction as we are adding staff members by the day!

Venus De Coy: Owner, Editor-In-Chief, Lead Designer

I’ve never been really good at doing bios. Even after my many years in the professional scene, I still have trouble with writing about myself. So here I go:

My name is Venus De Coy, although in the geek scene I go by either Lady Benihime (Anime, general geek scene) and Lady Ophelia (My gamer tags). Since 2007, I have run an assortment of geeky-related businesses. And although they have been successful, I still felt the urge to go into the “normal” world and do “normal” things. So, I am a nursing professional here in the Northern California area.

When not being a nursing professional, I like to call myself a “Professional Geek.” I host panels on educational geeky things and I like to share on how to build your professional image in geekdom, while still being true to who you are. When I’m not being a “professional” geek, I am an avid geek of all trades, with a specialty for gaming. I run my local  Pathfinder Organized Play Society group,  loves playing video games, board games, table top games and I have recently developed a love for Magic The Gathering. I also love anime, zombie comics/books, conventions, blogging (See: The Geeky Manifestos Blog) , and the World Championship San Francisco Giants. 🙂

I started this company, after noticing that there was a big void in roleplaying adventures. There are lots of epic adventures, and I love those. But for me, I always forget the missions and remember the moments where someone does something or says something memorable. So that’s what I wanted to create, more adventures where instead of players saying : “So we were on a mission to do ABC” it would instead start with “So what happened was.” Turns out there are lots of people who are in agreement with us. So I am looking forward to seeing our growth and hope that there are more people who join our team and showcase their missions.


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